Cecilia de Rafael is one of the best known, adored, and respected names among sheer and fashion tights. CdR started making their wonderful items in the city of Barcelona in the Catalan speaking region of Eastern Spain over 40 years ago. They started production of their incredible designs in a small facility just outside the city of Barcelona - the place they inhabit to this day. CdR is a family owned company and has never taken over or purchased by a larger corporation. Cecilia de Rafael in well known among women all over the world. Besides the Fashion line, they also have a wonderfully robust range of essential tights, particularly sheer tights. People love their quality and price tag foremost. They are no more expensive than the average pair of sheer tights but are as great as items twice that price.


CdR has a loyal fanbase and prestige reputation. Cecilia de Rafael is one of the fastest growing brands of fashion legwear . As its amazing reputation is starting to spread- many women have found their favourite. What is so great about Cecilia de Rafael exactly? What makes their tights so beautiful and amazing? Why have they become so successful? The answer lies in the products themselves.