Self-confidence is the best outfit you can have! Don´t let the bad quality hosiery ruin your day again! You have to try Cecilia de Rafael tights to gain you confidence. Soon you realize how resistant and smooth they are. Only the best materials from the top producers have been used to manufacture different hosiery: NISSHINBO Japan, NILIT, LYCRA, TACTEL, TORAY Japan. Raw materials are the fundamental of good tights!


"NISSHINBO MOBILON" spandex is pantyhose material, which differs from ordinary spandex. Its soft touch, fit, comfort when worn, and stretchiness are highly evaluated. Its characteristic features of both comfort and functionality. NISSHINBO MOBILON K-L material offers superior ladder-proof performance. Highly regarded for its excellent thermal setting performance, offering a good balance between size and fit, which makes it easy to wear. Ladder-proof pantyhose lasts longer and reduces waste. This is an important point!


NILIT's high-performance fibers enable the creation of fabrics which provide extreme resistance, optimal support and flexibility. Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers enhance performance and endurance. Due to unique technologies inherent in the fibers, the special properties remain effective for the life span of the garment.


With a unique cooling effect and an ultra soft hand feel, NILIT Breeze helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after physical performance and in hot weather.

NILIT Breeze Fast Facts:

  • Flat yarns give flexibility and smoothness to the finished product
  • The cotton-like cross-section adds suppleness and a pleasant feel
  • Use of a special polymer creates a soft touch and provides superior ventilation


NILIT Heat is a unique yarn, created with coffee charcoal, for natural insulation, to keep wearers warmer in cold temperatures. This exceptional fiber, made with coffee charcoal, offers superior thermo insulation bacteriostatic properties, a powerful deodorizing effect, and a sweat-free sensation, for maximum comfort and performance all day long. An environmentally friendly yarn, NILIT Heat makes smart use of a natural surplus by integrating coffee charcoal (from coffee bean shells) into the nylon fiber. NILIT Heat-based fabrics are comfortable and versatile. 


Hosiery blended with LYCRA®  fiber provide smoothing, sculpting and an overall better fit. It features softer waistbands that smooth lines and reduce pinching at the waist. When you choose tights made with LYCRA® fiber you can say goodbye to that restricted feeling and let your true style shine. This unique technology ensures your tights will fit smoothly and seamlessly, and can even help keep colors bright wear after wear. 


Hosiery with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber has a unique run-resistant technology that helps prevent perforations, holes and scratches from turning into those embarrassing runs.  Now you can rest assured your hosiery won’t run while you are.


Choose the hosiery that will really work hard to make you look good. The LYCRA® BEAUTY brand is the secret asset that makes hosiery sculpting, smoothing, comfortable and still oh-so-stylish.


You don’t always get the time to relax. That’s why Lycra developed the LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ fibre. With your wellness in mind, Lycra puts standards in place so your favorite tights can offer all of the benefits of graduated compression.


TACTEL® fiber is at least twice as soft and 20 percent lighter than most other fibers. It also dries eight times faster than cotton. In addition to being soft and lightweight, TACTEL® fiber is strong.


Toray has been manufacturing high-performance carbon fiber longer than any other company in the world, providing a number of high-quality, stable products. Divine tights are produced using TORAY fibres which makes them resistant ond comfortable.


Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from goats specially bred for their soft undercoat, from which the cashmere fibers are made. The term “cashmere” is the anglicization of the word “Kashmir”, the northernmost region of India, where the prized fabric was made for thousands of years. Cashmere is one of the most luxorious wools out there. It can be worn right on the skin without any irritation.