Cecilia de Rafael Pantyhose GATSBY

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Cecilia de Rafael Pantyhose GATSBY

Gatsby, a sign of class and elegance, easily matching, a wardrobe must-have. Extremely soft and comfortable waistband. Ultra opaque and durable material, knitted with Beauty Extra Life Lycra®. Long life. Quick drying. Pinstriped Sheer to waist

Hosiery with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber has a unique run-resistant technology that helps prevent perforations, holes and scratches from turning into those embarrassing runs.  Now you can rest assured your hosiery won’t run while you are.

Choose the hosiery that will really work hard to make you look good. The LYCRA® BEAUTY brand is the secret asset that makes hosiery sculpting, smoothing, comfortable and still oh-so-stylish.

  • Without cotton gusset

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