Cecilia de Rafael ETERNO SUPERLUCIDO 10

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Cecilia de Rafael ETERNO SUPERLUCIDO 10

The perfect mixture between technology and comfort. These new waistless and anti-ladder tights, feel like a second skin and are ladder- resistant. The new tights Eterno provide a great mix of shine, comfort and technology. Sheer to waist. Flat seams.

"NISSHINBO MOBILON" spandex is pantyhose material, which differs from ordinary spandex. Its soft touch, fit, comfort when worn, and stretchiness are highly evaluated. Its characteristic features of both comfort and functionality. NISSHINBO MOBILON K-L material offers superior ladder-proof performance. Highly regarded for its excellent thermal setting performance, offering a good balance between size and fit, which makes it easy to wear. Ladder-proof pantyhose lasts longer and reduces waste. This is an important point!

  • Sheer to waist
  • Flat seams

  • With cotton gusset
  • Invisible Toe
  • Waistless

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